Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Tobacco that Ended Pipe Smoking for Me

Just a short usual "Tonight's smoke" because I'm not having fact, I may never have one again.

A few nights ago I tried Sam Gawith's famous "1792 Flake". The tin aroma alone should have been enough for me to toss the tin in the trash. It smells like a cross between Windex, turpentine and kerosene. Even my faithful sidekick Tigger made a sour face at the smell of this stench and prompty fled the room. The flavor I cannot get into because if I try to type it out here I will hurl on my computer.

I was at the one-third mark of the bowl when I lost it. I ended up losing my lunch, dinner and anything else I had in my stomach. I tossed out the tin and the pipe I was smoking it in. To this day, just the thought of a pipe or that tobacco makes me gag. I still cannot tolerate system is still reeling from the damage done by this evil-in-a-tin.


  1. The only time i ever tried this tobacco (1792 Flake), I was driving along a little travelled road in North Texas. I became so "drunk" on this weed that I had to pull off the road and hyperventilate for a while. I thought the flavor was OK, but the nicotine content just about did-me-in.

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    hehehe... too funny. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I keep it around because I frequently feel the calling. I never did see where the tonquin resembles vanilla, but ok. You definately have to reserve a pipe for this blend, you can't beat it out of the briar. Smoke on!

  3. One of my favorite tobaccos, if you fellows dont like it send it to Alabama!!!!