Monday, May 30, 2005

Dunhill Light Flake: Loosen it up first!

Another blend new to me is Dunhill's "Light Flake". I love the presentation of this tobacco. Upon opening the tin one finds some delicate paper that, when uncovered, reveals a block of perfectly uniform thick slices of pure Virginia tobacco. The scent is a combination of wine and Juicy Fruit chewing gum. It takes about a flake and a half to fill a standard sized bowl.

I first tried it with the flakes just folded up and stuffed in the pipe. The result was one of the hottest smokes I've ever had with enough relights to empty 2 lighters (well, not really, but I was relighting every 4 or 5 puffs). I tried again with the flakes completely rubbed and using the Frank method of packing. The smoke was better but still a bit hot and quite a few relights. Eventually I found that what works best for me is to fully rub the flakes out then use the old standard "3 Levels" packing method with extra loose pre-light tamping. The resulting smoke was much cooler and fewer relights. The flavors came through much more and were very satisfying.

Light Flake seems to be good anytime of day or night. It may be a bit too spicy for an "all-day" but I would certainly not rule that out either. The Virginias are primarily Yellow and Brown Virginia and will bite like a rabid cobra if you get it too hot. Sip slowly with care, pack it lightly and rub it out well and you may just find a new favorite.

For some reason, this blend seems to be out of stock at most retailers. I am not sure of the reason yet, but hopefully that will change soon as I would hate to lose this blend so soon after discovering it (as is what happened with Edgeworth Sliced, R.I.P.).

Nightcap: Not just for bedtime!

In exploring some famous English blends, I have recently partaken in my first tin of Dunhill's Nightcap. Prior to trying this blend I read many reviews and opinions of the blend and how inredibly strong it is supposed to be. Upon my first bowl I found it to be a good English, but nothing resembling the Latakia monster that legend has it.

I've smoked it before retiring for the evening. I've smoked it right after breakfast. I've even smoked it several times in one day. Personally, I don't see the big deal but it's still too soon for me to make a fair judgment. Mixture 965 seems to have more complexity in my opinion and therefore shall remain a staple in my tobacco stash. As far as Nightcap goes? Probably not.

Friday, May 13, 2005

G.L. Pease "Montgomery" is a hit!

I recently tried Greg Pease's new blend "Montgomery" and I have to say that it is a hit with me. Bright yellow, gold and brown; light, fluffy, clean, wide ribbon-cut leaves with a subtle aroma of just good pure tobacco. I have a couple of new pipes dedicated to it already. Each bowl seems to reveal something new each time. If you like a good Virginia blend with good depth and body, do yourself a favor and pick up a few tins of this leaf!