Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Acquisition for 04/23/08

Yes, it's ANOTHER Boswell! My favorite shape and finish, this stubby billiard sports a brown pearlized acrylic stem.

The Pipe At Sea

Many years ago before international travel was accomplished primarily via flight, great ships carried travellers across the globe over the seas. Pipes were smoked by many seafaring gentlemen during those times. Classic verses of prose have been composed under the influence of the romance of the sea and the pipe. From pirates to poets, the pipe has been a fine and faithful companion.

In this present modern age of travel, emphasis on speed and convenience are the fore. Running to the airport terminal to catch a flight, making connections, catching a shuttle, airport security, etc, has made travelling more stressful than anything else.

I recently took a trip on a cruise ship which inspired me to make a brief visit to those older times when men took to the seas for adventure and profit. While sailing out of the port of New York City I brought out the pipe. In celebration and tribute to that ancient tradition I smoked by sunset on the sea. For a brief time I was not on a cruise ship but instead was a gnarly pirate keeping watch over the deck in search of treasure and adventure.

The winds proved too fierce for me to enjoy a long slow smoke so I resolved to enjoy the pipe inside of my stateroom while watching television. Not as romantic or dramatic as facing the ocean breeze but certainly more condusive to a man built more for comfort than speed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Acquisition for 04/15/08

Today was "Update Day" at Boswells and guess what I found?

Talk about perfect timing, last year around this time I saw an author at Boswells with this same finish and an amber stem that I fell in love with. I got that pipe as my birthday gift and it has become a big favorite of mine. Now here it is a year later and I see this pipe! Needless to say, "Happy Birthday to me"!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Starting the Day

This morning we actually had some warm Spring weather so I had my morning pipe and coffee on the deck. I was feeling a bit artistic so I captured the moment to share with all of you. The pipe is a Stanwell Boa which is a very hard shape to find and usually only available in Denmark.