Saturday, July 09, 2005

Attack of the Virginia Flakes!

I recently bought my very first tin of Gawith's "Best Brown Flake" and ever since I have been on a Virginia Flake kick. Not much to BBF, yet for some reason I just cannot put it down. The other day was rather stressful so that night I sat down with a pot of fresh coffee and proceeded to pack 2 flakes into a medium-sized bulldog pipe. These two flakes provided three and a half hours of complete bliss! I love this flake so much that I have just ordered some other Gawith flakes like Full VA Flake, Sam's Flake, Chocolate Flake and Kendall Cream Flake.

I've also been smoking a lot of Dunhill Light Flake, GLP Montgomery and some McClelland straight matured Virginias. Prior to this streak I was having a fling with Latakia blends. It is quite interesting how our tastes vary from one genre to another in a cycle. Thank God for the wonderful variety we have in thousands of blends of many different tobaccos! This is just one of an exponential amount of reasons why I smoke a pipe.

Of course, by this time next month, I fully expect that I will be a "Burleysexual" smoking up my stash of Edgeworth Sliced, Barbary Coast and Mac Baren's Burley London Blend!