Monday, August 15, 2005

Back on the pipe

Tonight's smoke: G.L.Pease "Blackpoint" in a Sasieni 4-Dot Rough Root Light Billiard.

Finally my nausea has passed and I am able to enjoy my pipes. I admit to still getting a bit queasy at the thought of "1792 Flake" but the worst is over.

I was quite concerned that I may never be able to smoke a pipe again. Considering that I have 20 brand-new, unsmoked, still-in-the-box high-grade pipes sitting in a drawer, it would have created a small disaster for me. Knowing the current EBay market and the bidding trends of pipe shoppers (bids in increments of pennies, blasting the seller on A.S.P. if the opening bid is over $9.99, trying to sabatoge the auction by posting lies about the pipe, etc.), I would have been lucky to make 10% of what the pipes are worth had I tried to sell them.

Now I just need to get some more pipes...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Tobacco that Ended Pipe Smoking for Me

Just a short usual "Tonight's smoke" because I'm not having fact, I may never have one again.

A few nights ago I tried Sam Gawith's famous "1792 Flake". The tin aroma alone should have been enough for me to toss the tin in the trash. It smells like a cross between Windex, turpentine and kerosene. Even my faithful sidekick Tigger made a sour face at the smell of this stench and prompty fled the room. The flavor I cannot get into because if I try to type it out here I will hurl on my computer.

I was at the one-third mark of the bowl when I lost it. I ended up losing my lunch, dinner and anything else I had in my stomach. I tossed out the tin and the pipe I was smoking it in. To this day, just the thought of a pipe or that tobacco makes me gag. I still cannot tolerate system is still reeling from the damage done by this evil-in-a-tin.