Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Frog Morton Cellar Review

Frog Morton's Cellar is the most recent addition to McClelland's "Frog Morton" line of Latakia-based blends.  This tobacco comes with a small cube of Oak wood from an old whiskey barrel, thereby imparting the blend with a smokey-sweet hint of bourbon. 

The tin pop gives a nice scent of a wood fire and fine spirits. The moisture content is not too moist, that it cannot be smoked straight from the tin, yet a short breathing period brings benefit prior to packing.  The leaves are mostly black with a few ribbons of tan. There is a slight stickiness to the touch, however, the blend burns clean and leaves no tackified residue on the bowl walls.

On the initial light, the smoke is dark then slightly sweet with the whiskey flavor coming through.  Once the bowl is burning properly you get large plumes of fragrant smoke. The bourbon flavor is strongest in the first third of the bowl and then it becomes more subtle as the smoke progresses.  Mid-bowl, the flavors are subdued, leveling out to a mild pure tobacco taste.  As the bowl winds down, the blend starts to give one last rise in flavor and then it is over and one is left with a small pile of pure grey powdery ash.  Bowl walls are clean and ghosting is almost non-existent.

Overall, this is a very nice blend that you can enjoy anytime, even as an all-day smoke.  It pairs well with a good whiskey or a strong coffee.  

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