Monday, March 25, 2013

Learning Dunhill London Mixture

So after 32 years of smoking a pipe I finally purchased my first tin of Dunhill's famous "London Mixture".

Described as "Medium cut, matured Virginian and Oriental Tobaccos. Soft and mellow flavor". The blend smokes relatively cool and burns down to a fine ash with no dottle.  The pipe is left clean with no sticky wet residue

So far I am ten bowls into the tin and I have been enjoying each one more and more.  This is a blend that definitely requires a steeper learning curve than many other blends.  The complexity of the orientals playing off the virginias against the background of latakia provides a smoking experience that takes many bowls to discover all of the various nuances of flavor it can provide.  This is not a beginners blend by any means, but the seasoned pipe smoker will find many delightful adventures in this classic mixture.

I will post a follow-up article once I have completed the tin.  Happy Puffing!

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