Monday, January 03, 2011

Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls Review

Very similar to the other spun-cut tobacco "coins", DNR coins are cut a bit thicker than Escudo and are a bit drier in the tin.  The coins are pliable and not sticky at all.  Being that there is less perique than Escudo, DNR has less of the fruity wine scent.  The tactile feel of DNR is very much like Stokkebye's Bullseye Flake.

DNR has a great natural sweetness without the harsh spice from an overload of perique.  It rarely bites and takes little effort to keep lit.  My personal packing preference is to roll two coins into a pipe and light up.  DNR leaves your pipe clean with no dottle.

Of the "Big Three" (Escudo, DNR and Stokkebye Bullseye Flake) the Dunhill blend is the winner for the cool sweet dry-burning pleasure.

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