Monday, April 06, 2015

Spring Is For Virginias!

After a particularly brutal Winter, those of us on the East Coast are beginning to enjoy the initial signs of Spring. This year, along with the warmer days, I am introducing some new "Porch Sippers" to my blend rotation.  These blends are all of the Virginia persuasion...and boy do they hit the spot!

The first new blend is Cornell and Diehl's "Virginia Flake".  It looks, smells, feels, and sounds (it's crunchy!) like granola. Nice straight Lemon Virginia with some sweet, tart, tangy, and mellow flavors. Easy loading, easy burning, and easy puffing.  It burns down to the heel in a grey powdery ash with no goop, glop, or gunk.

The next blend, also from Cornell and Diehl, is "Virginia Gentleman".  While primarily a Lemon Virginia, it includes just the right amount of Burley and Turkish tobacco.  Very easy to load, light, and puff, this blend is more balanced and mellow with subtle flavors.  This one is wonderful to slowly sip outside...or anywhere!

The final new blend is Mac Baren's new "Modern Virginia Loose Cut".  This is the only one, of the three, that has any toppings. MBMV has a subtle apricot pineapple flavoring, but Mac Baren has done this one so well that it all works very well.  It loads, lights, and puffs easy. The flavors are mild and mellow.  I am going to be smoking this blend regularly!

The Cornell and Diehl blends are sold in bulk, and they cost under $25.00 per pound.  The Mac Baren Modern Virginia is sold in 3.5-oz. tins, and there is also a tinned flake version!  With great tobaccos like these, this Spring will be enjoyed with plenty of good "porch sipping"!

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